Jul 24, 2014

Roaming Through Rome (and Naples!)

After strolling through the romantic streets of Florence, we were ready to take on the bustling streets of Rome. Rome is a city that everyone should see before they die. There are ancient ruins around every corner, a hopping nightlife, a million museums and even its own holy land of sorts. We made an appointment for the Vatican City museum and we recommend everyone do the same- the line without a reservation is terrible. St. Peter's however, is free but requires a little wait in line. If it seems long- DO IT ANYWAY. It's totally worth it. 

Though photos are not allowed in the Sistine Chapel, I managed to snap this beauty of Michaelangelo's "The Last Judgement". I figured if they sell postcards of it in the giftshop, it's not that holy anyways.

Also witnessed a pigeon fight in the pinecone garden. It was epic.

Sidenote: keep all shoulders and knees covered (guys too!) or they won't hesitate to kick your scandalous self out!

We also hit up the Piazza Navona and the Pantheon before calling it a day.

The next day we hit up ancient Rome and got our gladiator on at the Roman Forum and the Coloseum.

We nixed the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps because they were covered in scaffolding and not worth seeing at all. We did however, had a gorgeous date night out on the river. The moon hit our eyes like big pizza pies and then we were off to Naples.


Naples is the farthest city south on our European journey. The city iteslf had some interesting history, like it's underground tunnels that used to house ancient aqueducts, and later WW2 refugees, but overall it's not as pretty as it's neighbors to the north. There's a lot of chicken scratch graffiti, and not a lot of safety for pedestrians. It's best to do day trips to Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Erculano and Pompeii. We got lost in the ruins of Pompeii our first day there. It was a step back in time, a perfectly preserved city (people, dogs and all) buried beneath the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius.

The next day we set off on a boat trip to Capri with some of the girls from our hostel. There were girls from Brazil, Canada, Minnesota, and Italy. It was a perfect afternoon filled with sunshine, delicious food and an unfortunate iphone death. I took Marine's phone for a little swim completely on accident... Yes we tried the rice thing, and the oven thing, and all the things. The salty Meditteranean took her claim. RIP.

Stay tuned because next up we visit Venice, Milan, and some Swiss alps! Also, follow us in real time on instagram @thatstarvingartist and @marineschmittie! Leave us comments because we miss you all!