Aug 24, 2014

Wonder Woman Decides to Get a Haircut. Why?

Because patriarchy is for suckers

And Wonder Woman ain’t down for all that.

Wonder Woman doesn’t have to adhere to archaic standards

Of western beauty.

Also, who can fly around and fight crime

With all that hair in their face?

No one drew her a hair tie so she’s cutting it off.

Wonder Woman ain’t out here to please men.

She has things to do.

She’s gonna get a haircut and keep it pushin.

Wonder Woman wonders why her hair is so damn important

To you.

She saw a note on facebook about how short haired

Girls are damaged

So she got to chopping.

Wonder Woman doesn’t need permission

Or an explanation.

She did not just go through a breakup,

Or a break down.

She is not having a phase

Or on her period.

Trust me,

She can still save the motherfuckin world

While she’s on her period.

Wonder Woman is tired of spending hours

In front of the mirror fixing her hair.

Her femininity is not defined by flowing locks.

In fact, her femininity is not even defined

By her womanhood.

She defines it

However the fuck she wants.

Wonder Woman wants her hair

To match her shorts.


Also, maybe Wonder Woman

Likes other wonderful women

And wants to display a little more visibility.

Wonder Woman don’t have to explain shit to you.

She only wants to know why you never spend

This much time

Talking about Superman’s hair.