Jun 14, 2017

Letter to my Wife on our Wedding Day

Dear Marine,

This morning I rose like it was Christmas morning at six years old.

You bring out the child in me.

I have been dreaming of this day for so long,

Going over all the details in my head,

Trying to bottle perfection into one blissful day.

But there will be other, unexpectedly perfect days ahead with you.

There will be cozy afternoons with nothing we need to do

except cuddle each other, eat junk food,

and watch Netflix.

There will be date nights in the city

and vacations to places we always said we'd go.

There will be the birthdays of children

we haven't even met yet,

and graduation days we have been waiting for.

There will be long drives, and shopping trips,

Nights out and days in.

There will be days we don't do anything together,

but where I'll get to meet new people

and brag about my wife.

Today is the start of so many love poems.

This is the day we build something new.

So many people talk about falling in love,

as if they tripped on something in their path,

and love was splattered there on the road,

and thus, they fell into it.

As if it is something clumsy and embarrassing to do.

I never fell in anything.

I willingly opened the door and you were standing there

on the other side, beckoning me to enter.

I crossed the threshold without any second thought,

and today I shall close the door behind me.

Today it is you and I

Together for as long as we are granted in this lifetime.

Today we tie a knot that can never be unwound

Today I shall commit my life to you

and it will not be with fear or anxiety,

It will be with my whole heart,

Which has always belonged to you

My darling Marine,

Today is ours.


Your (almost) wife.